Christmas is a popular Christian festival, celebrated around the world. Christmas is also a popular festival in India too but not popular as much as Europe. The population of Christian people is less and hence you would not able to feel the joy of real Christmas in India as compared to Europe. Traveljee is 100% sure that, you would have an excellent Christmas holiday in Europe.

There are countless reasons to visit Europe but one significant reason is to visit the continent during Christmas holiday.

Christmas in London
Christmas in London. Image Credit: Timeout

5 Reasons Why Indian People Should Celebrate Christmas in Europe

1. Amazing and Beautiful Christmas Markets

Europe is a beautiful Christmas destination and widely popular travel destination. Why Europe is a popular Christmas destination around the world? The main reason is, it’s beautiful Christmas markets. London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, and many other popular cities in Europe have their own traditional Christmas markets which you would not able to see in India.

It’s a beautiful and amazing experience to buy your favourite products from Christmas markets in Europe. Most of these Christmas markets in Europe runs a week longer for all shoppers. It’s a beautiful and never forgettable experience for everyone.

2. Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Europe is a widely known tourist destination, popular among the millions of travellers around the world. France, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, and many other destinations are popular among the international tourists. Hence, you would enjoy beautiful, natural, and amazing tourist attractions in Europe with your loved one.

3. Best Time for Shopping Lovers

It’s an excellent time for shopping, if you are shopping addicts. Many brands and companies in Europe offers special discounts and schemes for their customers during Christmas and new year holiday. So, it’s a good time to buy products in Europe for amazing shopping experience. A few things would be costly in Europe too during this holiday period, such as hotels, and other accommodation options.

4. Unforgettable New Year Experience

We are 100% sure that, you would have an excellent and unforgettable new year experience in this beautiful continent. Many cities in Europe organizes their own public fireworks display to welcome the new year, such as Berlin, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, and many other cities. So, it’s a good experience to celebrate Christmas and then stays there for a few more days to welcome the new year in an excellent way.

5. Countless Memories

After all these beautiful days, you would have countless memories of Christmas and new year in Europe. So, do not miss an opportunity to spend your Christmas holiday in Europe rather than in India.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Article Title: 5 Reasons Why Indian People Should Celebrate Christmas in Europe
Article first published on November 19, 2016.

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