The birthday is the most important day in everyone’s life. If you belong to Kolkata, then you have large numbers of options to celebrate your birthday with incredible memories.

We have tried to provide you the best places in all categories such as budget, child friendly and large space.

Birthday Celebration in Kolkata: 5 Best Places to Celebrate Birthday Party in Kolkata

1. McDonalds Family Restaurant

McDonalds is the world famous brand in the category of family restaurant. It is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays of adult as well as children. They have a large space to accommodate in large numbers of people. Talking about the budget, you should consult the manager and show your plan, numbers of guests and budget to celebrate your party.

McDonald Family Restaurant Kolkata
McDonald Family Restaurant Kolkata

2. Sudesh Bhawan

Sudesh Bhawan is one of the largest banquet halls in the city of Kolkata to arrange a special event. They have the facility of AC hall as well as party plot to arrange the best party ever in your life. They have vast parking space, own photograph and floral decorators in the party plot. You just need to spend more money to celebrate your birthday in Sudesh Bhawan.

3. Domino’s or Pizza Hut

Pizza is the most popular food item in the world. So, why not celebrate your birthday in these places? Domino’s and Pizza Hut are the most popular Pizza brands in India. They provide a special arrangement according to your needs. It is the perfect place for children and adult birthday celebration. The main disadvantage is that they didn’t have much more space for large numbers of guests.

Pizza Hut in Kolkata

Domino’s Stores/Franchisee in Kolkata

Pizza Hut in Kolkata
Pizza Hut in Kolkata

4. Food Zone

Food Zone is another option available in Kankurgachi, C. I. T. Road in the city of Kolkata. It is the perfect place who loves food. Food Zone is a multi-cuisine restaurant, a perfect place to celebrate your birthday party in the city. It is also budget-friendly place to celebrate the event. If you have large numbers of guests and other planning, please consult the restaurant to get offers.

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5. Tero Parbon

Tero Parbon Restaurant is located on the Sarat Bose Road in the city. They cater delicious Bengali dishes with facility of AC rooms. You can also ask for special arrangement on the occasion of your birthday party celebration. Tero Parbon is one of the famous restaurants on Sarat Bose Road.

Tero Parbon Kolkata
Tero Parbon Kolkata

Article Title: Birthday Celebration in Kolkata: 5 Best Places to Celebrate Birthday Party in Kolkata
Article last re-published on September 29, 2019.

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