India is one of the fastest growing medical destinations across the world. Thanks to low cost medical treatment with world class facilities. Besides facilities and cost factor, Indian nursing staff and doctors care much more than other destinations.

A lot of NRIs prefer medical treatment in their own native place instead of their foreign location. Due to these reasons, medical tourism in India is booming right now. One reason is, due to the high healthcare cost in USA, most of NRIs and Americans prefers to treat elsewhere.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in India for Better Treatment

1. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is the most popular destination for medical treatment in India. Nearly, 40% of the country’s medical tourists arrives in Chennai for medical treatment, a study conducted by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). Latest reports showing that Chennai receives up to 200 foreign patients daily due to high quality medical treatment, low cost and best experience. Apollo Hospital is the most popular private hospital in the city.

According to Economic Times, healthcare tourism in India market will be US$2 billion. Chennai is the preferred destination among the foreign patients due to many benefits. There are so many special facilities are provided by the private hospitals in Chennai to provide best experience. Chennai has bright future ahead for medical tourism. It became health tourism capital of India.

Apollo Hospital Chennai
Apollo Hospital Chennai

2. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Besides financial capital of India, Mumbai is fastest growing medical hub at International level. Mumbai has world class private hospitals and medical centers. Mumbai is the perfect destination for all types of surgery, ayurveda treatment and others.

Mumbai is also popular healthcare hub for domestic patients from other cities of Maharashtra as well as states. It has best hospitals for all medical treatment such as dentistry, pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedic treatment, weight lose and so on.

Growth rate of medical tourism in Mumbai is very high due to world class facility. There are so many popular private hospitals are located in the city. For example, Kokilaben Hospital, Hinduja Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and so on.

Saifee Hospital Mumbai
Saifee Hospital Mumbai

3. Goa

Besides vacation destination of India, Goa is growing to become international hub of medical tourism. Now a days, private hospitals provides special facilities to foreign patients. Natural environment of Goa is superb and it also attracts foreign patients to select Goa besides other destinations. Government also support to promote health and wellness tourism in Goa.

Apollo Victor Hospital Mumbai
Apollo Victor Hospital Mumbai

4. New Delhi

New Delhi is the national capital of India. Besides political activities, New Delhi has vast numbers of world class private hospitals. They provides medical packages such as Neuro Surgery, General Surgery, Eye/Opthalmology, Heart Care/Heart Surgery and so on.

New Delhi has famous hospitals such as Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Fortis Hospital, AIIMS and much more. Please check out reviews for each and every hospital before your final decision.

AIIMS Hospital Delhi
AIIMS Hospital Delhi

5. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabd was once known as the ‘Manchester of India’. It is now another fastest growing medical hub of India. Thanks to world class hospitals in the city. Lots of Non-Residents Indians (NRIs) prefer Ahmedabad for their medical treatment. It provides best experience for medical treatment.

Ahmedabad has so many famous hospitals such as Civil Hospital (Asia’s largest civil hospital), Sterling Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Shalby Hospital, SAL Hospital, Rajasthan Hospital and others.

Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad
Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad

Major Healthcare Providers

A popular number of healthcare providers are given below.

We advised you to please check each and every hospitals review before your final decision. We are not endorsing any hospitals here in this article.

Article Title: Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in India for Better Treatment
Article last re-published on November 6, 2019.

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