Daman and Diu is a beautiful holiday destination. The smallest Union Territory has a big name among tourists from all over the world. It is not only famous for its bewitching white sand beaches but also for its wonderful architecture. You can feel the glance of Portuguese architecture in magnificient forts, beautiful churches and other monuments.

Daman and Diu is quite a favorite among travelers and holiday makers for its beautiful natural scenic views and adventure sports. The beautiful serene beaches and the amazing climate of Daman and Diu, which remains pleasant throughout the year will simply add more fun to your dream vacation.  Daman and Diu is also a perfect place for those who are looking for a private and isolated vacation away from the crowds, with their loved ones.  Daman and Diu is an eternally romantic destination for couples or newly weds.

Daman to Diu Helicopter Service
Daman to Diu Helicopter Service

In the fast moving world, everyone has everything except time to enjoy all of it. So are you planning a trip to this beautiful land of beautiful beaches, Daman and Diu, but running short of time? We can make your holidays easier and more extended for you.

An all together new, yet an utmost amazing experience for you, Daman to Diu Helicopter Service to help you reduce your travel time from 16 hours to just one hour.

The helicopter service, connecting the two union territories of Daman and Diu will help you reach your destination in just an hour avoiding the problems of road travel. You can easily reach the beautiful destination and spend more time exploring the place rather than wasting time in commuting to it.

Helicopter Service Timings

You can avail the chopper service from Daman Helipad to Diu Helipad on all days except for Sundays.

The total flight duration is 1 hour and ten minutes.

Flight timing details go like this:

Daman to Diu Helicopter Service
Daman to Diu Helicopter Service

Charge Per Ride / Cost

Ease your holidays by booking Daman to Diu Helicopter Ticket Cost starting at Rs 2600 per person. The helicopter service is truly worth every penny, so you can enjoy the comfortable air journey avoiding the troubles of road travel and save a lot on your travel time.

The ticket doesn’t include any pick-up or drop-off to Daman and Diu Helipad, thus the cost of the cab or taxi to reach the respective venue is to be borne by the customer.

Your stay bookings at Daman and Diu are also not inclusive of your ticket cost.

Daman to Diu Helicopter Service
Daman to Diu Helicopter Service

Contact Details and How to Book

We aim at making your holidays even more comfortable, now you can book for the Chopper service by clicking our link for easy and effective booking. Kids below 3 years are not chargeable. Check out our pages for Daman to Diu Helicopter Online Booking.

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For any further assistance or queries for Daman to Diu Helicopter Service Contact Number, you can refer to our link.

You can also contact us for other travel details like connecting flights, places to visit when you are in Daman and Diu or best luxurious staying options of hotels in Daman and Diu.

Article Title: Daman to Diu Helicopter Service: Online Booking, Contact Number, Ticket and More
Article first published on July 28, 2019.

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