Bhutan, the beautiful Buddhist Country is very famous for its monasteries, landscapes and beautiful valleys. Located in the eastern edges of Himalayas, Bhutan is gaining a lot of popularity among travelers from all over the globe for its famous trekking destinations in High Himalayas.

Unlike past years, now reaching Bhutan has become quite easy owing to the growth of economic planning leading to construction of many international, domestic airports (check our portal to buy flights tickets at the best rates available) and well planned road route. So, if Bhutan is in your travel list for your next holiday destination, plan a holiday well planned in advance to enjoy the most of the country.

Thimphu Bhutan
Thimphu Bhutan

A well planned holiday always gets good memories along. You should buy your packages from trusted operators online to make sure that you don’t face any kind of inconvenience. Visit our pages to buy travel packages at cheap prices; you can save a lot by advance bookings as there are a lot of options available to buy tour packages early for good rates. In this section further we will be assisting you with all the detailed info on different ways to reach Bhutan.

By Air / Flight

Wondering How to Reach Bhutan from India by Air / Flight? Bhutan can be easily reached by air. There are many direct and regular flights from different countries to Bhutan. There are a lot of international flights from Delhi, Bangkok, Dhaka, Bodh Gaya, Kathmandu, Singapore, Bagdodra, Guwahati and Mumbai.

All these international flights land at Paro International Airport. It is the only international airport to enter Bhutan if you are planning an air journey. The location of the international airport itself brings an amazing experience. Paro International Airport is surrounded by mountains and is situated at a height of 7300 ft above sea level.

Paro Airport Bhutan
Paro Airport Bhutan

There are a lot of domestic airports that offers various flights to reach Bhutan from different parts of the world. You can choose to travel according to your home location and destination location through these airports – Gelephu Airport in south-central Bhutan, Bathpalanthag Airport in central Bhutan and Yonphulla airport in eastern Bhutan. However, later two airports Bathpalanthag and Yonphulla have currently closed their operations.

So Druk Air is the only National Air Carriers of Bhutan that operates regular flights to and from Paro to India (Kolkata, Delhi, and Gaya), Thailand (Bangkok), Nepal (Kathmandu) and Bangladesh (Dhaka).

Bagdodra Airport in West Bengal offers flight options from India to Bhutan by Flight / Air. It is the nearest airport that receives many flights from major cities within India and Bhutanese Druk Air flights from Bangkok frequently.

Paro Airport Bhutan
Paro Airport Bhutan

You can enjoy the beautiful air journey travel from Paro International Airport viewing the spectacular scenery of Paro Valley, their flights offers the closer view of the mountain tops as compared to most of the other flights. The flight routes covers four highest mountains Mt Everest, Maklu, Lhotse and Kanchenjunga, you will be amazed by the spectacular views of these mountains especially in fine weather conditions.

By Road (Car and Bus)

Coming to next, How to Reach Bhutan from India by Road? Tourists can opt a road journey by bus, taxi or from any other transport from India to Bhutan by Road.

1. By Car

Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar are the land borders that are open for tourists travelling via road from other parts of the world.

Phuentsholing border is located in the south-west and is about 170 km away from Bagdodra Indian National Airport in West Bengal. It is the nearest airport and it takes approximately four to five hours drive to reach Bhutanese border town Phuentsholing from Bagdodra Airport.

Another border Gelephu which is situated in south-central Bhutan is another entry point for travelers coming by road. Gelephu is at a distance of 250 km from Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. It is a ten hours journey that goes through three beautiful districts. It is a beautiful experience for travelers travelling through sub tropical areas and alpine zone of Bhutan.

Samdrp Jongkhar situated in south east Bhutan is one more entry point, it is 150 km away from Guwhati (Assam). It borders the Darranga district (Assam) in India. It takes three hours to reach Samdrup Jongkhar from Guwahati.

Bhutan India Border
Bhutan India Border

2. By Bus

Travelers from India can also choose a bus journey from Kolkata. There is a direct bus service available from Esplanade Station in Kolkata to Phuentsholing. It takes about 18 hours of travel time via road by bus to reach Phuentsholing from Kolkata. The bus service for Bhutan is governed by the Royal Bhutanese Government.

Siliguri city in West Bengal (India) also offers frequent bus service to Phuentsholing. It takes less than four-hour of time from Siliguri to reach Phuentsholing.

By Train/Rail

How to Reach Bhutan from India by Train / Rail? There is no direct train route from India to Bhutan by Train / Rail. So if you are planning for a journey by train you need to reach at the defined railway station and then take a cab or local bus or any other transport to reach Bhutan. The comfortable easy train options from India are from New Alipurduar, Siliguri, New Jalpaiguri Station and Hasimara.

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New Alipurduar railway station in West Bengal (India) is at a distance of 60 km from Jaigaon (town in Bhutan). The trains heading towards Guwahati stop at this railway station. You can also choose to stop here and then take a bus or taxi to reach Bhutan.

New Jalpaiguri Station in Siliguri, is yet another convenient options for a tourist heading to Bhutan by train through land journey. There are various options of direct shared taxis and buses from Siliguri to Jaigaon(Bhutan) are available.

Hasimara railway station (operated by Indian Railways) situated in West Bengal is the nearest station and is only 17 km away from Phuentsholing.

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Article first published on September 11, 2019.

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