Indian Railways is the only train operator in India. It is run by solely Government of India with fair rates. Indian Railways is third biggest rail network in the World. Travelling in trains in India makes you feel more comfortable than bus in long journey.

Indian people also loves to travel in trains for their long journey. There are so many benefits to use Indian Railways such as fair price, security, comfortable journey and so on. Here, I am going to share useful travel tips and guide on Indian Railways Trains in India for beginner as well as frequent travellers (advanced).

1. Time pass in Trains

Are you long journey in trains in India ? It is very difficult for some passengers to time pass in trains. There are so many ways to pass your time in good way. You can carry or purchase your favourite books for reading. During journey, reading your favourite books will energise you for more travel. If you don’t like reading then there are also so many remaining options left.


Would you like to talk with strangers? If yes then train journey is the best time to talk with strangers. Many people do the same things if they like it. You have to just observe if that strangers wants to talk with you or not? Are they looking good people? If yes then start your conversation without any hesitation. Indian people loves to talk with strangers.

2. Keep Your Luggage Safe

In long journey, we often sleep during day time as well as night time. We should not leave our luggage openly. You have to make sure your luggage is safe by locking your bags/suit case. Luggage theft is the main problem in long journey. Try to minimise your risk by locking and placing nearby your seat. It will increase the security of your luggage. If your luggage is stolen then file complaint in Indian Railways.

3. Enjoy Journey with Window

Are you tired from conversation and reading books ? Why not give sometime watching beautiful scenes from window? You can watch beautiful places, scenes from your window during your journey. It is always recommended that you should observe India from your window seat. Most of people do the same thing during their long journey.

4. What to Eat

Most of long journey trains in India have pantry car for passengers. They serve food in sleeper class as well as in air-conditioned coaches. As per my experience, they didn’t have much good quality food in most of time. If you don’t like their food, don’t worry. Every railway junction have food stall which provides good quality food. If train stops there lots of food hawkers will come near to your coach to sell food items.

You should ready with money including change, otherwise it is hard for both to exchange money and food item. Most trains stops 2-5 minutes at every junction except major railway junctions. It is also possible to buy food items directly from food stall at railway junctions. But it is still risky if you didn’t able to purchase the items and catch your train.

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Pantry Car in Indian Railways
Pantry Car in Indian Railways

Most of time, western food is not available in train as well as at railway stations except major railway stations. So, always you have to eat Desi Indian foods such as Dhosa, Idli, Chevdo, Pauva Bateka, Bhajiya, Samosa and so on. Keep your mind ready to eat these items otherwise buy something from the city center before boarding in the train.

5. Morning Freshness

Most of people in trains in India wake up early. They use bathrooms/toilet/latrine at 06:30 AM to 08:00 AM. So, you have to wake up early before 06:30 AM or wake up late. Sleeper class has continuous coaches. There are two washbasins per coach which are shared by male and female.

Every coach has four toilets, so generally it is always no traffic jam at these places except morning. It is always better to avoid any problems and adjust your time!

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6. Security

Railway junctions are one of the most safest places in India. Indian Railways has separate police force for station platforms as well as trains. So, you didn’t need to worry for your security. You just need to worry about your luggage security. You should follow these tips to prevent any problems in trains. If you are also concerned about your security at railway station platforms then follow my tips here.

Article Title: Indian Railways Trains in India: Best Travel Tips and Guide
Article last re-published on September 29, 2019.

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