6 Famous Hindu Temples in Gujarat For Your Next Religious Trip

Somnath Temple Prabhas Patan

Gujarat is one of the most sacred regions in India. It is the land of Lord Krishna, Dayanand Saraswati, Bapa Sitaram, Jalaram Bapa and so many other saints and lords in Hinduism. Gujarat has most sacred places to start your “Dharmik Yatra”. Gujarat is also considered as the land of saints. Hindu saints have also […]

Statue of Unity: Ticket Prices, How to Reach, Online Tickets, Height, and More

Statue of Unity

Visiting India is always a fascinating decision as it has various reasons for standing out in the tourism sector. For instance, the Statue of Unity being the latest talk of the town. The status talks about the Unity in Diversity and depicts India’s rick heritage and roots. Check out the various details in this guide […]