Travelling is not only for the soul but for the body and mind too. Walking tours are the best way to explore the places in their true and authentic way. Are you looking for a walk tour of Mumbai? We have a plan for you, Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Walk tour is your undiscovered joy of travelling, when in Mumbai.

Explore how a beautiful port city becomes the city of dreams with such rich long history. The approximately three hour tour of the city is not just a mere sightseeing tour, but is a truly enriching experience. Enjoy the local ferry ride among the locals to begin the amazing walk tour.

Apollo Gate Tour Mumbai
Apollo Gate Tour Mumbai

Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Walk Mumbai Walking Tours: Packages, Ticket Cost, Info and More

This is your chance to go back in time, when Mumbai was just a small island. The enriching history of 350 years through the mouth of an experienced local expert guide will unfold various unknown pages of Mumbai. Walk through the European Renaissance Style Ballards Estate Business district and nostalgic streets of Victorian London.

Enrich your knowledge; know how the simple island became the biggest natural harbor of the country. The Harbour is big enough to accommodate about 150 ships. The small walk tour will give you the perfect insight in the rich history of the city that never sleeps-Mumbai.

Ticket Cost / Package

Wondering How to Buy Walking Tour Tickets for Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Mumbai, allow us to make it easy for you.

You can check our pages for Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Walking Tour Cost / Package for easy and trustworthy bookings.  Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Tickets Online bookings can be made easily at our reservation portal.

Apollo Gate Mumbai
Apollo Gate Mumbai

Timings and Route

The tour starts at Ferry Terminal then covering the Indira gate to Ballard Estate to final destination Gateway of India and the grand Taj Mahal Hotel.

The tour covers the visit to Town Hall which is a home to Asiatic Society Library and the famous Horniman Circle Garden. Visit the 275 year old Indian Naval Dock yard and the Flora Fountain circle which have clear resemblance with London’s Piccadilly Circus. Visit the city’s premier art district- Kala Ghoda.

Moving way towards the world famous ultimate tourist spot, the last destination of the tour- The Gateway of India.

Asiatic Society Mumbai
Asiatic Society Mumbai

Tour Quick Info

The ultimate walking tour will cover approximately 3.5 km of walking distance in about three hours.  Tours are conducted on daily basis. The tours would be conducted in groups. Large groups can be customized with prior intimation.

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Article Title: Apollo Gate and The Front Bay Walk Mumbai Walking Tours: Packages, Ticket Cost, Info and More
Article first published on August 25, 2019.

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